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No Way to Hold It In

A Celebration of Shane/Mitchie

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To celebrate the friendship and relationship between Shane and Mitchie of Camp Rock.

This community is for Shane and Mitchie. In case you somehow don't know who they are, they are the main characters in Camp Rock, a Disney Channel original movie. This community is for celebrating both their friendship *and* their love--in case you don't ship them together, you can just come here for mutual appreciation of them if you so wish.

Here you can post anything about them that you like--fanfiction, essays, videos, fanart, icons, or just various facts about the people who play them, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. This community is very loose--like I said, it's a celebration community, so that means there aren't going to be many rules. This is a fun community!

There are only a few rules (in fact, only three):

1. Just be nice. This is the golden rule, and one that's easy to follow. Just treat others kindly, and they'll treat you kindly back. This community will not tolerate flamers of any kind--if you have something negative to say, wait until you have something positive to pair along with it or don't comment at all.

2. Please comment. They make people feel nice and fuzzy inside. It's okay if you do not, but it's a nice way to tell people what you think of their ideas and such.

3. Have fun!

More rules may be put into place as this community gets going, but for now, these seem to be enough. If you follow these, you shouldn't have many problems.

So, if you want to celebrate Shane and Mitchie, or just Camp Rock in general, come on in! I'm friendly and will welcome anyone who wants to join!